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Photo: File
Another farm attack has left a loving father in hospital after being shot four time while his son and a friend had to hide in a garage to escape.

The attack to place on a Rietvleiieretuin farm between Alberton and Mulbarton, south of Johannesburg. According to Bruce Lennox, chairman of the GlenvistaGPF, the victim has asked for his name to be withheld due to fear of another attack if he is known to be speaking about the incident.

It was around 8 pm in the evening when the farm owner saw three men on his property outside his kitchen window. At the time of the attack, his wife and daughter were out at a dinner function.

The man immediately got up to close the sliding door but according to Bruce, it was too late. He ordered for his children to run for the garage and hide until things were over.

The victim, talking to reporters said, a struggle ensued and one of the attackers drew a firearm and four shots were fired hitting him in the torso. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in Alberton where he will be operated on today.

Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makhubela said he had received inquiries about the attack but had no further details at the time of publication.

A message of gratitude was posted on a close nit Facebook security page, stating that they were thankful for the quick response by the security (Glenvista’s active GPF unit) company and police.

Both children were not harmed during the attack and later reunited with their family’s. A terrible thing to have to witness so young.

Thoughts and prays have since poured in for the family on social media. Expressing the bravery it took from the victim to protect his loved ones.