New information about the EFF has been released involving the parties leaders and accusations of corruption and exploitation of women.

The statements were made by a group that described itself as being past members of the EFF and at the time of publication have since been expelled. They are in the process of making allegations of corruption against the two leaders and others in the party’s top management, both nationally and provincially.

Power hungry Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu have been thrown in the spotlight over allegations of corruption and greed.

It doesn’t end there however as both men and other party leaders are also accused of taking advantage of women, but the EFF says they’re talking nonsense.

We have included the original and full post below on the allegations that have now been widely spread to read.

Media Release!!!

Good Morning and thank you very much for heeding to our call, I am sure many of you are wondering who we are and why we would call you to a briefing on a Thursday morning. My name is Olebogeng leserwane. I am one of the cofounders of the EFF in the Northern Cape, we started the EFF in July 2013, Myself, George Nyakama, Danisile Seeco, Kabelo Mzolo, Ronald February, Mary Tongwane, Andre Nobel (First Provincial Co-ordinator), Mbuyiselo Matebese, Francis Thulo, Goetsimodimo Altar, Hilda Moremetsi and Mabatho Mokause and many others. We started the organisation from the ground UP during a time when it was not fashionable to be an EFF member, we started this organisation in the province from our own pockets. We travelled the length and breadth ensuring that the EFF has a footprint in the Province, Some comrades in the organisation sold their cars, some resigned from their government positions others sold their property to ensure the small running of the organisation. In communities like Upington we were forced to engage physically with a hostile coloured community. The difficulty at the time was building the organisation whilst we were faced with the National Elections which were to be held in May 2014. It pains me to come to the conclusion that the EFF nationally as well as in the Province has failed as a vehicle of our people’s hopes for a balanced and deepening democracy. The developments from 2014 after the elections to date have in many ways demonstrated that we have become worse than that which we purportedly sought to oppose. There have been a number of inconsistencies in the party, let me mention a few; We agreed that the members of parliament and Legislature would not utilise their party perks, but when members got into parliament and Legislature all this was ignored. There are members who were sworn in as MP’s and MPL’s whilst they newly joined the organisation, an example in our Province is Aubrey Baartman, who only had two months in the organisation with no organisational background as well as Shadrack Tlhaole who joined the orgainsation on the eve of the elections, a month thereafter He was sworn in as a member of parliament, this caused serious divisions amongst fighters on the ground. The National Plenum Resulotion was that councillors should reside in their respective wards where they were nominated, there are members who have moved from their wards, eg. Phenyo Ohentse, the regional chairperson of EFF in JTG has moved from Heunnigvlei and now resides in town.

To mention but a few, we find ourselves in a divided organisations, an organisations which is divided by greed, corruption and the desire to power mongers. The divisions in the organisation emanated from Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu, the two are fighting over the resources of the organisation. They have bought themselves V250’s using the organisations resources,they are exchanging girlfriends in the organisation, exploiting and abusing women, there is also an ambition from Floyd Shivambu to become the President of the EFF and this has clouded everything that he does in the organisation. This greed and the desire to be in powerful positions has spilled over to our provinces, in our province there are three factions in the EFF, one belonging to Shadrack Tlhaole the other being Aubrey Baartman who both want to be Premier candidates, the other faction is that of the Councillors who think they are above the ground forces of the EFF, those who tirelessly work, we refer to them as the Councillor League. These are people who are a click in the organisation that have defined themselves outside the organisation.

The so called Commander in Chief has successfully zombified, the entire War Council, Central Command Team, the Provincial Command Teams as well as the EFF student command. Everything he says, goes, when you ask you are sidelined and are disciplined in the organisation. There are many comrades who have suffered at the hands of this so called CIC, the fight between fighter Msholozi, a fighter in Gauteng who contested to become the presidency/chair of the organisation and Floyd Shivambu started from SASCO and then moved to the EFF where personal and petty reasons allowed the so called CIC to defend Floyd at that time and sideline Msholozi. The majority of the women who are deployed as councillors as well as at the head office are women who are having relationships with the leadership, namely with Flyod Shivambu and Julius Malema, they are rotated amongst these two, we can sight many examples of comrades also from our province, but we will refrain from doing this out of respect for women. What we are trying to prove here is the organisation that we started from the ground up has changed. We have witnessed the worst “power mongery” in the organisation.

We have witnessed an alarming spectre of dishonest leaders – leaders who say something in the public and do exactly the opposite in the party. There is a clear exploitation of councillors, every month councillors are expected to buy 100 T-shirts for the upcoming elections whilst there is a 10% levy that is being deducted from our salaries. Councillors are also expected to foot the By-election bill, the EFF nationally has over 800 councillors who contribute 10% of their salaries, the leadership in the EFF is unable to account for the money that is is estimated at just over 3 million rand monthly. The resources of the party are not equally spread through our provinces, when we had a by-election in Magareng the CIC insisted that we install a borehole that is currently not working and in Limpopo he decided to install taps in the community where there was a by-election, those taps are still working, whilst we are with a borehole that is not working. The Party Caucus fund as well as the Party fund at the Northern Cape legislature is being utilised by Julius Malema and his Girlfriend, Lee-Anne Mathius who was appointed by Julius to be Treasurer General. We sit here with evidence that we are going to take to the hawks to investigate this. Since the formation of EFF, we have never received a financial report, both accounts, the FNB and the Standard Bank account has never been a The leadership of the party have shown us the middle finger time and time again, they are unable to administer Party funds, to an extent that in our Province, we are with a regional and Provincial office who operate from the same office. As members we have been subjected to a collective loss and lack of vision for our party by our national leadership, they say one thing and do the other, they wear Loius Vuitton underneath their red overalls.

As a collective, we would like to apologies to the people of the Northern Cape, those as far as Augrabies, the workers at Debonairs in Kuruman, those from Spur and all other retail stores in the province for selling them false hope. We have failed the people, we have failed to be the change that we profess, it is for this reason that we shall go back to these very communities and tell them the truth of this organisation that professes to bring economic freedom to them. It is for these reasons and many more that we today, 03 October, resign from the EFF. You might ask where we are going, well, we are in talks with various other political parties and at the correct time we will reveal our future plans.

I Thank you.

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