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In a tragic turn of events, a farmers pet Rottweiler died a hero trying to save the 84-year-old woman on her Hlobane smallholding.

Captain Gwala of the South African police department said,

The dog died instantly after a single gunshot wound to the head. The attack took place by an armed gang who fled with a few electronics

The elderly woman living by herself on the farm was alerted by her dog’s aggressive barking while cooking outside by her fireplace in the early hours of Saturday morning. Captain Nkosie Gwala, the communications officer for the Zululand Cluster, said the woman was confronted at gunpoint by three teenage boys, who demanded cash as well as her cellphone.

He explains that she told the robbers that she had no cash on hand or in the house or a cell phone. One of the teenagers shot the dog dead with a revolver and then all three of them fled. He ad’s that the woman was not harmed in the attack, but was obviously shaken up and left traumatized by the passing of her beloved dog.

The robbers also took a basket of laundry and some tools. According to Vryheid SAPS.

In a statement released to the public a member of the department said.

They had already gone through the victim’s bedroom searching for cash before she became aware of their presence. When she saw the men, she shouted and asked them what they wanted on her farm. I believe that the dog started growling, but I am not sure if it tried to bite one of the attackers before it was shot

A terrible story of yet another victim who has been affected by crime in our country.