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Grim scenes came from a North West household early on Thursday morning after a robber was fatally shot during a farm attack in Brits.

While a suspect was pronounced dead on the scene a 56-year-old farm owner was fighting for his life in hospital.

56-year-old Robbie, 52-year-old Hester Feldman, and their son were still in bed when four armed attackers broke into their house early this morning.

The spokesperson for the De Wildt Helpmekaarmaatskappy, Juna Niemann said.

The suspects were armed with a panga and a firearm. They broke open the sliding door and attacked the family while they were sleeping. A scuffle ensued between Robbie and the attackers, and shots were fired, presumably by one of the attackers. One of the robbers was shot in the chest. Robert was assaulted after he was hit over the head with a panga. Hester and their 16-year-old son Frikkie were repeatedly kicked and slapped, and were later tied up with shoelaces

After the scuffle, the three other suspects went through the house in search of valuables before eventually fleeing on foot with cell phones and other electronics.

Shortly afterward a nearby tenant on the farm was arriving home and noticed the family’s door wide open. He immediately called for help before untying the distressed family.

Our security company arrived at the scene, where they found one of the suspects lying next to Robbie on the floor. The suspect, who was wounded in the chest, was already dead. It is still unclear who fired the fatal shot

said Niemann.

Robbie was rushed to their nearby hospital where he is currently receiving medical treatment and still in a critical but stable condition.

Assistance and counseling are being given to the family by AfriForum, police are still currently on scene and concluding their investigation. Capt. Riana van Aarde from Akasia SAPS confirmed the attack.

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook