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This week has been full of taxi-related drama. Another two videos have emerged of taxis and drivers misbehaving.

The first incident occurred in the North West in Klerksdorp, Gauteng in which an overloaded taxi driver was arrested by police for transporting 25 people. That’s an astonishing extra 10 people crammed into the 15 seater minibus.

The footage quickly spread online getting close to a million views in under a day.

The vehicle was stopped during a routine roadblock. Police can be heard counting one by one as passengers emerge from the vehicle.

One person commented with some insight into the matter stating.

The record in Kimberley years ago was 32. There was even a passenger on the right hand side of the driver. 

Take a look below:

In other taxi-related news this week. A meeting was held at Sebenza SAPS to discuss working relations between taxi owners, police and motorists in which one of the main points raised by the taxi association was why they could not have the yellow lane reserved for them and their drivers during peak hour traffic.

“Unlike buses, we don’t have our own routes. The community depends on us just like they depend on the police. Commuters get upset with us when we are stuck in traffic, complaining they would be late for work or school. “Why can’t there be an exception for our taxi drivers during rush hour in the morning and afternoon?”

Const. William Molebana of the Edleen Precinct EMPD was quick to add that rush hour means nothing to them and the EMPD, saying, “When you don’t drive according to the rules of the road, you will be fined.”

One day after the viral incident which was recorded by a motorcyclist in Johannesburg this footage emerged.

Two taxis can be seen riding the pavement dodging oncoming traffic trying to get ahead of other motorists. The scenes were filmed on January Masilela Drive. North between the reserve and Lynnwood rd.

At one point they cause oncoming traffic to come to a complete standstill as so they can get past.

This week once again proves not much has changed in terms of cracking down on taxis and their total disregard for the law.

Have you been affected by taxis during your commutes? Let us know.