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Footage has emerged online of a 5 door sedan plowing through a popular sports bar in Port Elizabeth.

The incident was first reported on Thursday, 25 October but only recently video footage of the accident was shared.

The popular Hotspot Sports Bar is known for its great live entertainment and new variety of signature cocktails.

It also boasts a beautiful lounge area with exquisite furniture. The air-conditioned open plan room is fitted with a stocked bar, Pioneer slots, CCTV equipment, two pool tables, four flat-screen TVs and projector.

Thursday night, however, saw its furniture rearranged after a red sedan drove through the pub’s front window crashing into the bar.

People can be seen sitting enjoying drinks before the accident occurred.

An elderly gentleman was seriously injured in the accident and had to be taken to a nearby hospital. The video was posted with the info.

Below is a video that got sent to us on our social media platform of the Accident that happened last night at Hotspot Sports bar Hunters Retreat Port Elizabeth

Details surrounding what caused the driver to lose control are still unclear. Whether there was a collision before that caused the vehicle to crash or whether it was simply a case of reckless driving is still under investigation.

The footage posted this morning quickly started being shared. Some comments on the original post included.

Shocking!!! Maybe they should build a steel barrier in front of the glass door incase this ever happens again.

Is that guy okay

Verwyder die drank nie sigarette nie drank veroorsaak meer dood as rook

The pub/resturant is situated on a busy section of road and its not uncommon for motorists to be seen speeding past.

WARNING: Disturbing Content.

Image: PE Traffic Updates