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Photo: File
Chanting screams of encouragement can be heard as a mass KZN school brawl broke out on Friday.

Footage of the incident has now been widely spread across the internet.

Details have yet to emerge about the incident but from viewing the two-minute clip it is safe to say school violence is on the rise. This comes after another incident last week made headlines around the country as learners from a school in Limpopo were caught allegedly using pangas during an after-school fight.

Provincial education department spokesperson Sam Makondo said they are investigating the incident and that nine pupils have been suspended.

We don’t know. [It’s] not easy to tell from the video if the pupils used pangas.

Explained Makondo.

We view this in a very serious light and condemn any form of violence both inside and outside the school. This unfortunate incident is completely unacceptable in our communities and our schools and that’s why we prohibit the carrying of dangerous weapons in schools

Makondo went on to say in his statement.

The second incident is being filmed from a first story building looking down on a group of learners surrounding a buss.

Learners are seen still in school uniform when a group of boys starts punching one another. Things quickly turn violent as the fight erupts into a mass brawl with close to 20 pupils getting involved.

Shouting can be heard as they are cheered on.

One pupil is kicked multiple times in the head as the fight rolls over onto the street.

Things seem to calm down after a motorist exits his vehicle to break it up. Some learners gather their belongings a proceed to get on a bus that then drives off.

Updates will be posted as more details emerge from the incident.