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The leader of the freedom fighter group EFF has now taken his opinions and views to universities.

Speaking on Monday afternoon at the Vaal University of Technology in Gauteng, Julius Malema addressed students explaining how they should ensure their party stays the course amid signs that the ANC is tearing itself apart.

He also attacked other parties including the DA referencing that “the enemy” was “coming for” the leadership of the EFF.

The DA says you vote for us because of alcohol – because that is white people think of us … that we are only good for alcohol and sex. When they say this they mean you are black and you cannot think

He begins,

They say the EFF thrives on the back of illiterate youth but you cannot find illiterate youth in institutions of higher learning. You can only find young intelligentsia

Remember the free higher education debate last year? He proceeded to explain to the large group of students it was the EFF behind that movement.

We made this call because it is through education that economic freedom will be realised. Illiteracy is a danger to democracy

Of course, he was not going to miss the opportunity to comment on the land issue. He denied it was racist and that is was not a danger to the econemy.

When we say we need land from white people, it is not racist. They must give account of how they use their land. If you use 200 hectares for production, then 500 hectares should be given to others for them to use. How is that a collapsing of the economy?

A rich white person in South Africa is a poor white person in Europe. That is why they will not leave South Africa. They are so used to privilege, and where they come from there is no privilege, so they won’t leave

He concluded by giving learners advice on leadership and about being a good example.

Images from the event were posted on social media which was met with a large debate about whether the EFF leader was pushing his agenda on the young youth of our country.

Some clip and images have been included here.

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