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Photo: File
A series of videos has caused outrage after a mother can be seen allegedly smoking the drug Tik in front of her young child.

Two videos emerged on Thursday and within a few hours, already had been viewed by more than 300,000 people.

The mother in the video who is in full view of the public is currently being tracked down by the Department of Social Development. We expect her to be tracked down soon if she has not already.

A witness who took the videos says he was shocked to see the two women, who are believed to be in their mid-twenties, sparking up a pipe and smoking it.

The incident allegedly took place at Bellville Taxi Rank.

I was surprised and sad at the same time as I am also a father. The fact that I could not really do anything also left me disappointed

He said.

Going on to say,

These were beautiful ladies, but to do that in front of a baby is shocking

His main concern was for the safety of the child.

The first video (below) lasts 52 seconds. The mother dressed in a maroon tank top watches her friend take a hit. She passes her baby over before putting Tik in the pipe and smokes it.

The second video, 18 seconds, things get worse as the mother is seen exhaling and trying to wave the smoke away from her friend and her child’s face.

Bellville rank manager, Moegamat Shafiek Gordon spoke to reporters and said he was unaware of the incident.

We’ve tried chasing druggies away. We’ve called on authorities to intervene. There’s only so much we can do.

This has become a norm where youngsters with children do drugs in front of the children.

He concluded.

The incident is currently being investigated by authorities.