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Photo: File
A Pinetown motorist on Tuesday put his life on the line in an attempt to fight off a would-be hijacker.

A notorious intersection on Old Main Road has been the scene for multiple incidents which has seen motorists robed and hijacked. Since it became a hotspot the municipality has set up CCTV cameras in the area. Footage of the attack has yet to be released.

The motorist was reportedly at a traffic light when he was approached by two men.

The driver allegedly managed to disarm the attackers and stabbed one of them multiple times on the left side of his upper body. He reportedly stabbed both attackers, but one of them – who had been fleeing towards a taxi rank, later collapsed and died. the Highway Mail reported.

Provincial police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane said a case of murder was opened at Pinetown police station for investigation but no arrest had been made.

What does the law say about self-defense in South Africa?

Laws Governing Shooting and or stabbing in Self Defence in South Africa have changed and the legal requirements for a person’s actions to be viewed as self-defense.

A spokesman for the South African Gun Owners’ Association, outlined in another media report what he described as the “extremely limited conditions” under which citizens were entitled to act in self-defense and said.

In the light of constitutional rights to life, human dignity, freedom and security, any degree of force or violence may be executed lawfully in limited circumstances only, for instance in the preservation of one ’s own life or that of a family member or other innocent person.

The Constitutional Court had previously ruled that one is entitled lawfully to defend oneself if the attack was such that it was life-threatening to the defender. However, this law will soon be changed. And will be replaced with the self-defense action must be relative to the circumstances of the attack. It is also important to take the weapon used against you into consideration as well as the value of the belongings you’re protecting.

The case is under investigation.