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Footage has emerged of another incident on our roads. Motorist and motorcyclist go head to head in a heated verbal exchange.

Details surrounding the video are unclear at this stage.

The clip was posted on Facebook just a few moments ago with the caption.

Road rage happens to the best of us. Sometimes more often than others… No judgment here! It happens. But what if we could coax ourselves out of the rage?

Many South Africans found the comical side to it with one commenting.

Your brake lights are probably not working, but carry on and get a Polo up your ass

Drivers lose their cool when stuck in traffic and sometimes they just take it out on the wrong person — which leads to road rage.

According to the JvR Africa Group, road rage is on the rise internationally, mainly because of increased traffic congestion, insufficient infrastructure, drinking and driving, and inadequate policing.

CEO of JvR Africa Group Dr. Jopie de Beer said that in South Africa there are additional factors which make the roads more dangerous than elsewhere in the world.

One of these factors relate to the ‘state of our nation

A recent Bloomberg study shows SA to be the second most stressed country out of 74 nations, with Nigeria in the top stressed position. El Salvador, known for its brutal gang wars, is third

said the Dr.

De Beer urged drivers to always remain calm and not take out their frustration on other drivers.

A SAPS communications officer Captain Linzi Smith agreed with De Beer, saying:

A few seconds of irritation are not worth the often serious consequences of road rage.  

Please note the video below contains some strong language.