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Photo: Facebook
A video circulating on social media shows us once again South Africans don’t take lightly to thieves and criminals.

Street justice is well known in certain parts of the country, and for thieves, if you caught you better wish you come out the other side alive.

This particular incident took place somewhere in South Africa on Monday. The exact location is unknown from the information received.

A witness has come forward to describe what allegedly took place.

This guy attacked a woman on Monday morning he took her phone and handbag

She was quick to call out to locals as to what happened. The suspect took off running but didn’t get far before being caught by a group of about six men. They questioned the man who which then handed over the stolen goods.

This, however, was just the beginning as a crowd quickly gathered and started swearing at him.

The victim can be seen starting the assault as she begins kicking the man in the back and head, now with her stolen goods back in her possession.

The suspect is ordered to lay face down as one member of the group comes forward with a sjambok, he is whipped multiple times as others join in, some with sticks who also deal hefty blows to the mans back.

The witness goes on to explain.

Sadly it was his day … these things happen often and when one is caught we all join in

The suspect can be seen crying out in pain for it to stop which only makes things worse as the punishment continues.

The rest of what happened can be seen below. Some may find the following disturbing.