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When Keneilwe Kgosiemang, a teacher at Johannesburg Girls Preparatory school, got a mobile panic button in August, never did she think she would have to use it. Let alone twice in two weeks.

I had used it two weeks earlier when I was hijacked outside my house

Says Ms Kgosiemang.

And again when one of my Grade 7 pupils collapsed on Thursday morning and started convulsing, my first thought was I had to get her medical help fast

When the operator on the other side received the alert, she gathered as much information as she could about the situation and the child, before coordinating help.

Having two children at home myself, it’s always difficult when a call comes in involving a hurt child

She explained in an interview.

Ms. Kgosiemang told me that the pupil was completely unresponsive after the seizure, her eyes were open but she wasn’t moving. I just knew that I had to find her the fastest help possible

With some quick thinking and newly introduced technology that is exactly what happened.

The initiative allows all community crime-fighting organizations in the area to provide help in emergencies as they receive the same alert and can correspond with one another. Luckily a member from Vision Tactical was in the area and arrived on scene within 8 minutes.

If you have ever been in an emergency or ever phoned police for assistance you will know the response time in some instances are not numbers you would want to tell a friend about.

As well as being a security company, Vision Tactical is also supported by ER24 for medical emergencies. When Muhammed heard about the medical emergency, he also jumped on the radio to ensure that ER24 was able to get there quickly. 4 minutes after he arrived, 12 minutes from the time of the call, ER24 pulled up to the scene of the incident and managed to stabilize the child.

What is truly amazing to see here is the communication between various responders to ensure that the user got the help that they needed

Says Peter Matthaei.

That is exactly what we envisioned for this initiative — a network of responders working together to serve the citizens of South Africa in their time of need

Speaking to Ms. Kgosiemang after the incident the operator was genuinely interested to see how the child was doing.

“She is great,” says Ms Kgosiemang.

I spoke to her mom and she was discharged from the hospital. I think that she was lucky to get the help she did so quickly. Thank you to all involved for turning a very scary situation into a supportive one

Everything mentioned was made possible and coordinated through the Namola App, a new mobile panic button available on any device to every South African. It is completely free. A company that has dedicated its self to making South Africa safe again. Go read up about them and you will see the reviews for yourself.

Download the app and you too might find yourself saving someone’s life, or your own.

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