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Photo: IOL
Durban – Seekignn shelter from loud fireworks, Jessy, a 1-year old Jack Russell terrier cross, squeezed herself into the engine compartment of her owner’s car.

Oblivious to Jessy’s plight, her owner drove from their home in Malvern to Reservoir Hills, where her cries drew attention and she was rescued by Kloof and Highway SPCA trainee inspector, Israel Silevu , in a delicate 2-hour process.

Jessy was petrified by the fireworks on Wednesday and crawled into the car, which was parked at her home.

Her owner, who asked not to be named, said she had been on her way to campus in Westville at about 7pm when she heard a noise coming from her engine.

I had no idea Jessy was in the car. I thought she was at home, sleeping. I began hearing sounds and I thought maybe I drove over an animal on the road. On my way to campus, I stopped at my friend’s house in Reservoir Hills to fetch her and I heard a proper bark and I knew there was a dog inside my car

That’s when I opened the bonnet and I saw Jessy. She gapped her way in from underneath the car and was trapped in the engine

She said she was shocked and frantic to find her dog trapped there. According to her, Jessy’s legs were covered in oil, there were a few scratches on her hind paws, and she had suffered a burn at her rear end.

She looked quite scared, and her eyes looked pretty bad as well

She said.

Silevu was on duty when he received a call from the frantic pet owner, asking for help.

The rescue operation took almost two hours because Silevu had to ensure that Jessy was freed with as little distress as possible. He asked that the dog be taken to a veterinarian for a full examination, reports IOL