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Photo: Facebook
It has been a while since the drug made headlines in South Africa as the craze seemed to have died down.

Recent footage has emerged and quickly got the attention of South Africans with now close to 2,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

The original post comes from a Facebook user by the name of DS Venter who filmed the 46-second clip. He goes into detail about what he witnessed.

He claims he was driving through Johannesburg at roughly 6 am in the morning when he stopped for some fuel. The next thing he sees is a woman, believed to be in her late 20’s or 30’s sitting on the pavement beside him.

Venter quickly took out his phone and started recording. He states in the post he is well aware of the effects of flakka from past experience and videos seen online, but states he has never seen someone high first hand.

From the footage, the woman is obviously in quite a state and shows all the signs of a drug addict.

Venter goes on in the post warning parents and children about the dangers these substances can cause and urges people to stay away.

I’ve seen what flakka can do but after this morning my eyes are open for good

He states.

This is very disturbing

One comment reads.

Our children are in trouble because we as parents do not teach them the rules anymore. What do we expect.

Another person wrote.

The footage ends as the man is disbelief drives off.

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