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At approximately 15:00 on Tuesday, Marshall Security was alerted to a house robbery which had occurred in Windsor Avenue, Umhlanga Ridge.

Information received was that five suspects armed with handguns and two rifles derailed a driveway gate before storming the property. A reaction officer from another security company was confronted with an AK47 wielding suspect and ordered to retreat from the scene. Information as to the suspects getaway vehicle, a white Mercedez-Benz, was circulated to all Marshall Security members in the area.

Shortly after this, a report was received for an attempted house robbery in Savell Avenue. Marshall Security armed reaction officers responded and information ascertained was that a White Mercedes Benz with five armed suspects confronted the female homeowner before fleeing the scene.

Minutes after this, a report of a house robbery in progress was received via one of our community Whatsapp groups. Marshall Security Special Operations Team members in the area immediately responded. On arrival on the scene, they were confronted by a suspect armed with an AK47 assault rifle who opened fire on our team. In defense of their lives, Marshall Security officers returned fire and a shootout ensued. The suspect’s accomplices alighted from the building, one of them armed with an R-5 Assualt rifle, others with pistols, returning fire. The suspect armed with an AK47 was fatally wounded on scene whilst his accomplices fled in a Mercedes-Benz getaway vehicle.

The vehicle was later found abandoned in the Redhill cemetery grounds. The body of a male suspect was found on the back seat having suffered fatal gunshot wounds. A large amount of jewelry, televisions, housebreaking implements, as well as a firearm and live ammunition, were recovered in the vehicle.

The suspects are believed to be linked to a spate of serious violent crimes throughout the greater Durban area of late. The Mercedes-Benz was confirmed to have been sought by the South African Police Services.

The homeowners who were at home at the time had been confined to a bedroom. Although considerably shaken up, they did not sustain any physical injuries in the ordeal.

The scene was secured and handed over to the South African Police Services.

None of our officers were injured in the ordeal.