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Photo: Facebook
Footage recently emerged online shows a man being mauled by two dogs in the backyard of a property.

It has yet to be established whether the man is a thief or not.

The clip is being filmed by the homeowner in which he is speaking to the victim in his own language, the homeowner seems extremely calm as the dogs rip the victim’s clothes to shreds.

The clip was posted yesterday and already has over 4,000 shares leaving users divided as to what the story is behind the shocking scenes.

Many have expressed concern stating the homeowner is to calm for this to be a thief and instead, the victim is known by him and the dogs were ordered to attack.

The original video was posted with the caption:

This thief went into a house he thought was empty….the rest is a sad

Others have expressed that they know the man and he is indeed a thief who was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The 90-second clip shows the dogs growling as they pull apart the victim’s clothes until he is forced onto the balcony. As he runs towards a tree blood stains can be seen left on the white painted pillars. The clip ends as he scales the tree to get to safety.

The original post has been attached below. The incident is currently being investigated.