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Photo: Facebook
Video footage has surfaced online of a brave motorist evading hijackers despite being shot at.

The incident occurred between Blomvlei and Jan Smuts in Cape Town yesterday afternoon.

Security CCTV captured the scenes. The motorist is stationary at the intersection waiting to make a right turn. As a vehicle approaches from behind an armed gang emerge from a white hatchback in an attempt to make their move. Reports from the incident claim shots were fired as the woman began to reverse.

She rams the vehicle behind her out of the way and continues to reverse into the stationary traffic waiting to move. Without thinking she makes a U-turn and drives off in the opposite direction.

The attackers scramble back to their vehicle and drive off.

The footage, now with over 500,000 views got many thinking. Some applauding her bravery while others said she could have been killed over a car.

Some comments on the original video include:

And in the meantime endangering other lives with her driving

She got shot at, there is a hole in the dashboard

Commenting on pictures from the incident (See Below)

As criminals continue to target woman it seems more of them are starting to fight back.

Police are currently investigating the incident.

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