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Photo: Facebook
The police have launched an investigation following the release of a video on social media showing two security guards at a fast food outlet landing blows on a man who entered the shop.

The three-minute video shows an enraged security guard kicking the man several times, while another guard uses a chair to strike the man – who appears to be in his late 40s – in the head.

Guards Tussle With Man At Fast Food Outlet

An employee of the fast food joint is subsequently seen pulling the guards from the scene of the attack.

The man who was being beaten then walks away.

The police said they have seen the video and are trying to determine its authenticity, along with the time and location of the incident, to assist in their investigation.

Social media users who have since reacted in shock at the video, some suggested that the incident took place in St Catherine, others say the footage is from Namibia.

The police said they are so far unable to speak on the contents of the video, including even to confirm where the video was taken, but said they are actively looking into the matter.

One; what did the man do and why were the trained security guards acting in that manner?

Said one social media user, whose viewpoint was generally echoed by others.

Either way this is not an uncommon scene in South Africa as numirious videos have emerged in recent times of similar incidents.

One major incident that most will remeber is the attack on a couple at a KFC drive through in Pretoria.

The victims say the altercation with the attackers began when they asked them [the attackers] to move forward in the queue.

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela at the time said four people had been arrested and charged with assault and possession of firearms.

The footage below.