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Photo: Facebook
A very disturbing video was posted on social media showing how a man (who has been identified as Steve Matavhulule) violently bashing against the windows of a vehicle.

The video footage was recorded by the male victim who were on-route to drop of his 7 year old daughter at school.

News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents made contact with the family to find out more regarding the incident and how the child is doing following the incident.

NARI spoke to the mother who originally posted the video to her social media profile, Florence Dambuza-Kgoleng.

We are now at the police station – a case has been opened and we are at trauma unit awaiting counseling

Florence said.

Below is the original post made to social media and the follow-up message.

This barbaric man attacked my husband and 7-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER this morning on their way to school, This man threatened their lives, with no care in the world that a child is inside the car. He’s not even moved by the fact that he been captured on video, he followed them to school after the video was taken. My husband had to drive inside the schoolyard for safety. This cannot go unpunished please help to make this sick man go viral and may the Long arm of the law deal with him on 16daysofactivism NO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMAN AND CHILDREN!

My husband remained composed considering the terrifying ordeal, kept the doors locked to protect our child. Furthermore, he managed to capture footage that has helped thus far with getting hold of this deluded man’s details. Because of this video, this man will not get away with threatening their lives more especially our daughter’s life. My husband has helped the Law to take its course!

Matavhulule, meanwhile, told TimesLIVE that Kgoleng drove on the yellow line in traffic and nearly bumped his bakkie.

You see these cars who drive on the yellow lane, one of them was him. He nearly bumped me, because he saw the cops and tried to swerve in when he saw the cops at the robot

Matavhulule said.

Matavhulule said at a second robot he turned down his window and asked Kgoleng why he was driving recklessly.

He pointed at my car and told me that I am driving a company car and he will report me. He [Kgoleng] was in a lane turning right and I was at a lane going straight. He tried to squeeze in between me and the car behind me. I just heard a noise at the back and applied the brakes

I thought he was running away when he drove off, so I followed him to Northgate. I made a shortcut to block him. When he stopped, he took out a camera. I told him to take responsibility for what he did

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Driver Arrested

Since the ordeal and the public outcry over the course of today police have confirmed Steve Matavhulule was arrested this afternoon.

A private policing community published an update a short while ago:

“The terrible disgusting man who attacked a father and son has been locked up after he went viral. Well done to the Honeydew Police, The Honeydew CPF and the ever present Sun and his Sunshine team for putting pressure on the right guys at the right place at the right time. A special thanks to Troy our fantastic eblockwatch member who assisted eblockwatch mobilise the amazing Brigadier Mirage at the Honeydew Police, then to the amazing backup support from Michael Sun and his Sunshine team for being on standby to assist all day.”

The original footage can be watched below.