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Photo: Facebook
Footage seen online shows an unsuspecting victim of crime lose his life after a scuffle broke out in the streets of Hillbrow last night.

As seen a group of armed suspects approach the victim from behind before a confrontation begins. The victim is seen being pulled to the floor as the men seem to be trying to rob him. He gets back to his feet and starts running before one suspect opens fire hitting the victim in the torso.

He falls to the floor as another man approaches from a different angle shooting the victim in the head.

The suspect’s turn and begin walking out of frame before one of the men return and continues to shoot the unarmed victim.

In recent weeks and months according to the post on Intelligence Bureau SA these incidents have been on the rise in the area.

The caption reads:

Murder is the order of business in Hillbrow! FIrearms on the street are on the rise. There have been numerous Murders on the streets of Hillbrow in the last week, in the vicinity of Vanin court(HIJACKED BUILDING)and Quartz Street! Caution the video is graphic.. any info on The Gunman please contact SAPS!

The original footage is included below. Be warned the following is graphic.

Anyone with information regarding this please contact your local police.