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“Miriam works at a bar in Johannesburg,” explains Sibu. “She messaged me at around 1 am on Sunday morning to say that she was going to catch a cab home. She told me that she was with a girl she had met and that she was going to drop her off first because she had had a lot to drink and wanted to make sure that she got home safely. I must have fallen asleep, but when I woke up the next morning, Miriam’s bed was unmade.”

The thought of her sister not coming home sent chills down Sibu’s spine. She tried to call her, but her phone just rang. After countless messages and missed calls, Sibu got really worried and called one of Miriam’s colleagues.

“Her colleague confirmed that she had seen Miriam get in the taxi with an unknown female,” Sibu tells us. “She said that before they left a scuffle had broken out in the bar with a couple of men harassing the lady. Miriam had wanted to make sure that she (the lady being harassed) got home safely.”

“It was around this time, that I saw my phone ring,” says Sibu. It was Miriam calling. “I answered the phone and asked her where she was. She was incoherent and not making much sense, but she did tell me that she was scared. I tried to ask her some more questions, but I got cut off.”

When Sibu tried to call her back, there was no answer.

Sibu, then realised that she had was able to see where her sister was all along, as she had access to her sister’s GPS location and so with this new found information Sibu requested assistance through an emergency app for further emergency assistance. She retold the story to the operator, who contacted the closest police station and nearest community responders.

“From the information that Miriam’s sister was able to give me, it sounded like a possible kidnapping incident. I made sure to notify all of the responders to ensure that we worked together to act fast and get Miriam the help she needed,” says the Operator.

A couple of minutes later, the police arrived on scene and rescued Miriam from the house. When we spoke to Sibu, Miriam was understandably shaken, but recovering in hospital. She had been drugged with an unknown substance.

“We are still trying to put together the pieces on what exactly happened,” says Sibu. “From what it looks like, the scuffle at the bar was all part of a ploy to kidnap Miriam. They found the lady Miriam had tried to help home at the house, unharmed.”

Police are still investigating.

“We finally got Miriam back with the help of the emergency app and SAPS,” says Sibu. “It was the most traumatic experience of my life. Please download this app and always tell everyone where you go.”

The app used in this incident is one that has now been spoken about many times in media and on TV. The success stories continue to pour in and this is just another simple example of how Namola has established itself as the fastest growing safety application in South Africa. Don’t get caught in an emergency without it. Simply click here to download the app, free of charge, on any phone. You will be redirected to your app store.