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South Africa – The Dialdirect Namola emergency app has just released an update with a brand new feature, which is designed to give its users the peace-of-mind to know where their loved ones are at all times. The feature, aptly named Family Safety, allows you to permanently share your location with your nearest and dearest.

“We all have times where it would be so valuable to know where your loved ones are,” says Peter Matthaei, CEO of Dialdirect Namola. “Whether it’s wanting to know if a loved one gets home safely after a late dinner party or if they are driving a considerable distance, being able to share their location with you, and you with them, gives everyone peace-of-mind. It also gives you the power to have information at hand should you need to help them out.”

Sibu* a Dialdirect Namola user knows the importance of sharing one’s real-time location all too well, as it was how she was able to locate her sister who was allegedly drugged and kidnapped after work one night. Due to her quick thinking, she was able to request assistance with the emergency app and send the police to rescue her sister. This may have been a very different story if she did not have her sister’s real-time location readily available.

The Family Safety feature also gives Dialdirect Namola users the option to receive real-time notifications when loved ones leave or arrive at a location. No need to remember to call your loved one to see that they have arrived home safely.

“Finding innovative ways to increase not only the safety of our Users but to provide them with the additional peace-of-mind to keep their families safe, is our top priority,” says Maanda Tshifularo, Head of Dialdirect Namola’s sponsor, Dialdirect Insurance.

The Namola emergency app is supported by Dialdirect. Download the app FREE, either from the Apple App, Google Play or Huwawei App Store. Click here to be redirected. Have peace of mind knowing you and your family/friends will be safer in times of an emergency.

*Users name changed to protect the user’s identity