Eskom: “It Will Take A Year To Fix Failing Generators”

JOHANNESBURG – Eskom says it could take a year to fix it’s failing power generators.

The power utility has urged South Africans to use electricity sparingly and switch off appliances that are not in use.

They’ve warned South Africans to brace for more power outages in times to come.

Unfortunately, we also project that there might be a possibility of implementing Stage 1 load-shedding

Said Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe.

For as long as the backlog in maintenance has not been [dealt with], we will continue to have this problem

Phasiwe said they have identified 59 power generation units that needed to be attended to.

It will take 12 months to fix

He said.

It doesn’t mean there will be load-shedding every day. [Only] where we are forced to implement it

Here are all the areas that will likely be hit by load-shedding this Sunday

Eskom – South Africa’s struggling electricity utility – said it would implement Stage 2 load-shedding until 10PM on Sunday due to a shortage of capacity.

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