“If They Can’t Go To School, Let Them Work” – Kid Filmed Driving 50 Seater In Mzansi

A video that at first seems difficult to believe has surfaced online.

Reports of where exactly this happened are still in clear but we can confirm the footage is real and it did take place in South Africa.

With the current less restrictive laws surrounding lockdown. Public transport is permitted, however only under certain circumstances. For example: Busses, like seen below can only transport 50% of their licensed capacity.

The video we believe to have been taken in the last 24 hours shows a young kid fully operating the vehicle with out the supervision of a registered driver. People suspect the person filming the incident is in some way associated with the owner of the company and that this is more of a stunt than anything else, with no passengers on board. One can only hope this to be the case.

Music can be heard being played loudly in the background which adds to the claims of this being a stunt. Which ever angle you want to take on this, it is illegal and should be taken seriously by the necessary departments.

Watch the full clip below



Posted by South Africa Daily on Wednesday, 6 May 2020

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